TEOREMA Project, hereafter simply TEOREMA, is a didactic project, born form a common effort of all Lombard economics universities and CILEA Interuniversitary Consortium, nowadays merged into Cineca Interuniversitary Consortium. Since 2003 TEOREMA is a service dedicated to universities. Occasionally it is used even by secondary schools or private citizens.

TEOREMA’s aim is to help improve base mathematics education of freshmen and prospects students of economic faculties. TEOREMA addresses freshmen of universities which subscribed this service, to allow them an easier path to mathematical courses.

TEOREMA was built as a self learning Math course on a dedicated e-learning platform. Its modular structure covers all basic mathematics, to help you face and facilitate courses in economics, or in general, in any scientific subject.TEOREMA better use is just before or during first months of academic courses, or to help you prepare the admission tests. TEOREMA is used via an auto registration service by students and students-to-be of the universities who have signed up for the service. To access TEOREMA Service and for any further information on, please get in touch with the referent teachers of your university, who must also give you the details to correctly access it. TEOREMA Service is available to users (hereafter also simply students) under the following Rules and Terms of Service only.

TEOREMA Rules and Terms of Service

  1. TEOREMA is an e learning course, used in self learning by real people, to improve his/her own ability in mathematics. No other use is admitted
  2. TEOREMA is free of charge for users of the universities which have signed up for the service and which support its costs. It is usually offered by these universities to their first year students and students-to-be.
  3. Access to TEOREMA for other kind of students, other schools or private citizens is under Cineca explicit prior approbation and it could be charged with specific costs for the user and/or the organization involved.
  4. TEOREMA is reserved to students of age (18 years or more).
  5. TEOREMA use is on personal base only and for the sole purposes indicated here. Any commercial, marketing or other use of TEOREMA Service is explicitly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will be prosecuted according the law and will immediately stop TEOREMA usage.
  6. TEOREMA access codes are strictly personal, not transferable to others for any purpose.
  7. Access to TEOREMA is made via Internet only and it requires its users a proper device, usually a computer, access to an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and a modern browser used with personal credentials. There are no other ways to access this service.
  8. Access to TEOREMA requires the user to fill an auto registration form and the consent to the processing of personal data. The consent to personal data management is mandatory to obtain the personal account and can be given by users of age only (18 years or more in Italy). Personal data are managed by Cineca according Italian and European laws. The processing of personal data shall follow the principles of correctness, legality and transparency and protection of your privacy rights. See further details here.
  9. Your account to TEOREMA Service will last one year (365 days) since the day Cineca release it. Expired this term, your access to the service will terminate.
  10. Access to TEOREMA can be terminate as well by the user in any moment before its natural end, contacting Cineca support staff. Cineca staff could ask you some personal data or a secret word to confirm your request.
  11. Access to TEOREMA can be terminated in any moment also by Cineca, without any need for Cineca to explicit the reasons to the user.
  12. Under specific conditions, usually didactic or scientific, the access to TEOREMA can be extended beyond its natural end. This request could come from the student, the subscribed university or Cineca itself.
  13. For any other information on TEOREMA you can always contact Cineca support staff.

Last update: January 2022 - v.2022.01.1